About Us

elcome and thanks for visiting our website and our celebration of over 23 years of luxury building excellence in the Tampa Bay area. A lot has changed since 1988 when I started Frontier Homes and my dream of building custom homes and our humble beginnings. Way back then hardly anyone owned a cell phone, computer or even heard of a web site. And they certainly weren't aware of accessible homes or green building. Today, these are just a few of the benefits that our award-winning company has to offer our clients. We have had over two decades of success in building For the Distinctive Few.


  • t_1David, you have vision, character and design skills which place you at the top. Your subs are excellent and loyal. Your office manager, Jill, is the best.

    Dr. Roy & Tricia Cucchiara

  • One of the reasons this year has been special- besides the obvious of our gorgeous new home - is the friendship we've gained through knowing you. We want to thank you for your hard work and attention to our dreams. You've earned your high reputation well! We feel blessed to have had you as our builder and friend. May God continue to make His wisdom and love very known to you.

    Lynn & Caroline Feaster

  • I was never sure that we would enjoy the construction process as much as we did, thanks to you. But it truly does feel like "we", meaning Frontier Homes, my wife and myself built this home. I believe you made that possible by your construction process, and the constant communications we had as the home was built. But most importantly, the finished product is a home that we take great pride in. The level of quality you insist upon allowed us to relax, confident that each of the subcontractors was performing work at a high level.

    Timothy & Nomi Miller

  • Your thoughtfulness and kindness are another reason we are glad you are building our home.

    Jim & Sally Fulp

  • I always had a peace of mind with Frontier Homes having total access to my home while I was out of town much of the time during my remodel. I never worried about your people in my home or the work you were doing without me being there to watch. I trusted you and you delivered exactly what we agreed upon. Thanks so much for a job well done.

    Bernie Engert

  • We never felt pressured and your ability to communicate and relax us "first time home builders" made the difference. The verbal hand-holding, reassurance, and comfortable communication made this painless compared to horror stories we had heard about other home builders. You did not try to nickel and dime us. In summary, you and your staff listened, communicated, planned, compromised, supervised, set time tables and met them, maintained excellent records for the bank and us, and stayed on budget. You were trustworthy and honest. You met our high standards and specifications. What I always remember is, whenever there was a question or problem, you would always ask, "How do you want it? What will it take to make you happy? We want to make you happy." Perhaps this sums it up best. I now tell everyone that I realize that all of our interviews, research, comparisons, and multiple bidders were a waste of time. If I had it to do over again, I would just call Frontier Homes and have them build my next home.

    Dr. Mark Sibley

  • We love our home! Thank you for building it for us - you've made it a dream come true. We get many compliments from visitors about the quality of workmanship so apparent in the house but only Judy and I know how much personal effort you made to ensure that it was perfect for us in every way. God bless you for caring.

    Jim & Judy Doane

  • We appreciate your offer to tile the deck. It's another indication of your willingness to stand behind your work. Thank you again for building us a magnificent house. Please feel free to give our name as a reference to prospective customers. You built us a quality house at a reasonable price.

    Joel & Kay Bronstein

  • I have been wanting to write you this note of appreciation, gratitude and just thank you for the wonderful process of building our home. Andy and I are very pleased with the quality and care that was put into the making of our house.

    Andy & Denise Gavlick

  • After Ray's stroke we couldn't bring ourselves to moving. We looked but we still loved our home you built for us over 18 years ago and we didn't want to leave. We are so thankful you showed us how to renovate it and make it adaptable to our current physical restrictions. (We're getting old!) I wouldn't even consider renovating nor do I think we could have done it without you. David, your caring, patience and knowledge showed us how and we trusted you. Thanks for enabling us to continue enjoying our home you built and now remodeled.

    Ray & Wilma Wilday

  • David, we are very satisfied with the home you built for us. We will always think of you most fondly and we hold you in high esteem as a very decent man of high honesty and integrity. We not only refer to you as our builder but also as our friend.

    Bill & Alice Clarken