Continued Excellence

RONTIER HOMES' clients have also looked to us for their commercial building needs. David Habib earned the State of Florida's highest awarded license (CERTIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR) back in 1987. Since that time, our solid reputation of quality construction, experience, honesty and the unique way of caring for our clients have led us to help them with their commercial building needs including:

  1. Office and Professional Space
  1. Restaurants
  1. Dental Offices
  1. Daycare
  1. Retail
  1. Apartments
  1. Veterinary Clinics
  1. Investment Properties
Our professionalism and our desire to help our clients meet their needs have led our commercial clients to Frontier Homes as the best commercial value.

If you have any questions, please contact me, David Habib, to see how we can help with your commercial building needs.