Being Good Stewards

1996 Energy Efficiency (Green) Award
RONTIER HOMES started back in 1996 being a leader in building energy efficient homes. Evidence of this was earning the prestigious Grand Aurora Award presented at the Southeast Builders Conference for the most energy efficient home covering six states with multiple entries. Since that time, we have continued to be focused on energy efficiency and now what is called today GREEN BUILDING. Additional leadership was shown as David Habib was one of the first contractors in the State of Florida to receive the prestigious designation of CERTIFIED GREEN PROFESSIONAL given by the largest construction organization, The National Association of Home Builders. We have continued our commitment of building environmentally sensitive homes using the newest technologies and materials which among others includes:

  1. High efficiency heating and cooling equipment
  1. Renewable Earth friendly materials
  1. Recycled products
  1. Recycling waste
  1. Engineered wood products
  1. Low VOC paints and glues
  1. Energy/Lighting Conservation
  1. And so much more

We continue to educate and improve ourselves in GREEN BUILDING, this fast and changing area of the construction business and the world. We understand all of us have a long way to go in this area but Frontier Homes will continue to be a leader with the latest and most cost effective GREEN BUILDING systems in our homes. Our clients can be assured that Frontier Homes will continually look for ways to improve and learn about new and advanced GREEN BUILDING techniques and products to offer them in our homes. This assures our clients and Frontier Homes of being good stewards of our resources and providing for a healthier environment for our children's future.

If you would like further information, please contact me, David Habib, to see how we can help.