Our Partners

ealtors have long been partners of Frontier Homes in the building and remodeling of homes in the Tampa Bay area. We have helped realtors with clients when any ordinary home won't do, or an older home needs the right renovation or room addition or even with a commercial property. Don't lose out on that sales commission on a possible new home or renovation. Frontier Homes will provide you and your client with the convenience of a trusted builder who is dependable and easy to work with. All of this results in a positive reflection on you and a source for continued referrals. Bring them to Frontier Homes and let us help your client. We provide realtors with a solid agreement between Frontier Homes and your firm that assures you of the following:

  1. Full Protection
  1. Little or No Time Invested
  1. Quick Commission Payment
  1. Listing Opportunities with Investor Buy and Sell
  1. Simple Agreement
  1. Property Acquisitions
If you have any questions, please contact me, David Habib, for information on how we can help your clients and both become deal makers.